SuiteFiles Basics Training for Standard Users

This training session covers our Standard User training basics where we’ll go through the functionality of the main SuiteFiles apps - the Web app, Outlook & SuiteDrive

Before getting started:

  • This training video is best suited for all SuiteFiles users to watch. If possible, we recommend getting the team together to watch this training video (60 min).
  • To get the most out of this training session, watch this webinar on a different screen and ask your team members to follow along each step of the way. Feel free to also pause, rewind, and take snack breaks in between 🍿

SuiteFiles Basics Training

This training session will cover the following topics: 

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Installing the SuiteFiles Chrome Extension Editing & Annotating PDF's
Creating & renaming clients Preparing and sending documents for signing
Replacement Characters Managing document signing
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Questions or Feedback? 

While these resources do answer a lot of questions, you may have a particular question to get started. If that's the case, please reach out to us at