How do I get set up on my Mac device?

It's important that your computer and browser are set up correctly for the best and smoothest performance. This article outlines our recommendations for Mac users.

This guide will go through:

System Requirements

You will first need to check that you have the following system requirements: 

  • The latest version of macOS
  • The latest version of Safari
  • Office 2016 or Office 365 (32-bit) 

Logging into SuiteFiles

Simply log in to your SuiteFiles site URL using your Office 365 username and Office 365 password. If you're not sure what your SuiteFiles site URL is, please check with your Administrator. 

Once you've met the technical requirements and have logged into SuiteFiles successfully, we recommend that you also:

Setting up the SuiteFiles Outlook Add-in for Mac

If you're using Outlook for Mac from your browser, you can use the SuiteFiles Outlook app to save emails and attachments to SuiteFiles, attach files from SuiteFiles when creating new emails and more.

Please note there are some differences - for example, the Mac Version of the SuiteFiles add-in will not prompt you to save an email once you send it. You will have to manually do this yourself. To get this set up or learn more, please refer to the articles below:

Getting set up on my Mac Device FAQ's:

  1. Can I use the Safari browser on my Mac? 

    We do not recommend using alternative browsers as the Web App was designed for the  Chrome Browser. 

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