SuiteFiles Training for Administrators

Administrators will learn how to manage their subscription and users. See how to add and remove users, set user permissions and apply folder permissions.

Training for SuiteFiles Administrators:

This training session will cover the following topics: 

More On-Demand Training:

Just finished Admin Training and want to learn more? Move onto one of our next training sessions below:

📌 Basics Training (60 min) 📋 Advanced Training (60 min)
Logging into SuiteFiles SuiteFiles Scanning
File and folders Basics Sharing & Collaboration
Downloading our apps Templates
🚀 XPM Training (30 min) 📝 Document Signing (60 min)
Installing the SuiteFiles Chrome Extension Editing & Annotating PDF's 
Creating & Renaming Clients Preparing and sending documents for signing
Replacement Characters Managing Document Signing
📅 SuiteFiles Connect (60 min) 💻 Other Webinars
Creating Connected Folders Outlook add-in Training
Requesting and Reviewing Files Chrome Extension Training
Managing Connected Folders Other Integrations

Questions or Feedback? 

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Why does my SuiteFiles look slightly different?

Your SuiteFiles may look slightly different in the admin tab and the document signing tab. This is because we have updated our product so that it can work better for you. 

The admin tab now looks like this:

As you can see there are some additions to the admin panel, we have added Generation and Rules read more about that here

Our Document Signing Dashboard now looks like this:

Read more about the document signing dashboard here.