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How do I prepare a document for signing?

You can start the document signing process with either a Word document in .docx format or a PDF file.

    If starting with a Word document (.docx): 

    Please note: this option will only appear for .docx files. If you are using a different file extension, you will need to convert the file by following these steps.

    1. Open the document in the SuiteFiles Web App (i.e. in your browser. We recommend Chrome)

    2. Click Request Signature. The file will then be converted to a PDF which will open automatically once the processing is completed. You can then select an option listed below for starting with a PDF file.

    If starting with a PDF file: 

    1. Click Document Signing:
    2. Select who needs to sign the document from the options provided. Click on the links below to see step-by-step instructions: 
      • Sign and save – allows you to add your own Signature, Initials, Text Field, Date Signed and Tick to a document that you need to sign.

      • Multi Sign – if you and others need to sign a document, and the contact details of the signers are in Xero Practice Manager or WorkflowMax. It also allows the ability to copy in a recipient who will receive a copy of the signed document once all signers have completed the signing process.