1. Document Signing

How do I prepare a document for signing?

You can start the document signing process with either a Word document in .docx format, or a PDF file.

    If starting with a Word document (.docx): 

    1. Open the document in the SuiteFiles Web App (i.e. in your browser. We recommend Chrome)
    2. Click Request Signature. The file will be converted to a PDF which will open automatically once the processing is completed. You can then select an option listed below for starting with a PDF file. 

    If starting with a PDF file: 

    1. Click Document Signing
    2. Select who needs to sign the document from the options provided. Click on the links below to see step-by-step instructions: 

      Sign and save – allows you to add your own Signature, Initials, Text Field, Date Signed and Tick to a document that you need to sign.

      Quick Sign – if you and others need to sign a document, and the contact details of the signers are in Xero Practice Manager or WorkflowMax.

      Advanced Sign – if you and others need to sign a document, and you want to add the contact details of the signers manually. It also allows the ability to copy in a recipient who will receive a copy of the signed document once all signers have completed the signing process.  You can also align fields easily on the document with the Vertical and Horizontal alignment buttons.