SuiteFiles Templates Setup Training

This training session covers creating and using Folder, File and Email templates in SuiteFiles.

Before getting started:

  • Please watch our SuiteFiles Basics Training session first before moving onto SuiteFiles Templates Setup Training. 
  • This training video is suited for for staff responsible for creating and managing your templates content. We recommend getting your admin team together to watch this training video (60 min).


SuiteFiles Templates Setup Training

This training session will cover the following topics: 

    Why does my SuiteFiles look slightly different?

    Your SuiteFiles may look slightly different in the admin tab and the document signing tab. This is because we have updated our product so that it can work better for you. 

    The admin tab now looks like this:

    As you can see there are some additions to the admin panel, we have added Generation and Rules read more about that here

    Our Document Signing Dashboard now looks like this:

    Read more about the document signing dashboard here.